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7 Mobile Games You Can Play with Friends in the Same Room

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I was on a recent trip to Australia and had some downtime. My friends and I decided that we would play mobile games together, whether it be with one or multiple devices.

The next step was to take a deep dive into the App Store and Google Play Store. Over a dozen different games were tested over several days. Find out more fun apps at

We managed to narrow down the list to just a few local multiplayer mobile games that are worth your time.

They’re also free or $0.99 so you and your friends won’t have to spend a lot to have fun.

7. Dual

Required 2 phones

Dual was the least fun game on the list. However, it was still enjoyable for a few minutes. This game is not something you should spend an entire afternoon with.

You each take control of a small spaceship and attempt to shoot the other ship. Your ship is on their phone.

It’s quite cool to watch the images travel between the devices. It’s easy, but it’s still fun.

6. 12 Orbits

Phones Required: 1. (But more is better)

12 Orbits is a game where each player controls a specific section of the phone. The goal of the game is to grab the white dots and leave a dot in your color to take out all the other ships.

The movement is the key to this trick. Tap the screen to enter an orbit, and again to fly straight.

Everyone is sharing the same screen so it can be a bit tight on a smartphone. We recommend that you get a tablet if you have one.

Although we were able to play with four people using an iPhone 7 Plus, it would have been too noisy for more.

5. Out of the Loop

1 phone is required

Out Of the Loop is a game where everyone knows what something is and no one is left out.

Everyone gets questions from players to inquire about the secret. The person who is not in the loop must answer the question in a way that doesn’t reveal their identity.

The word cupcake was the topic of a round. We were asked questions such as how many cupcakes can you stack and if you would like to smell it for the rest of my life.

We were able to identify the faker. This is a great game, and it only takes one phone.

4. Psych!

1 phone per player

Psych! You trick your friends into believing your answer is correct. You can ignore the objective or just laugh as much as you like.

You’ll have fun no matter what you play. It is similar to the Balderdash board game, or the Fibbage popular Jackbox game!

Let’s take an example to show you how the game works: The game will give you a movie title, and you have to create a plot that other players believe is real.

Each player who correctly guesses your plot earns you a point.

3. Evil Apples

1 phone per player

Evil Apples has many similarities to Card Against Humanity. However, the cards are digital and require less setup and cleanup. This is a great game! Just make sure that you are playing with people who don’t get offended easily.

Like Card Against Humanity, your goal is filling in a phrase using the cards that you are dealt. You should be as funny as possible.

One player judges each round. The round ends with the winner determined by their discretion.

2. Spaceteam

1 phone per player

Spaceteam has been around for a while, but the core design remains timeless. You and your friends will be yelling what to the outsiders sounds like random nonsense.

You’ll be shouting important commands to your ship that will help it reach its destination.

The game board shows the progress of the ship at the top and some buttons with gibberish near them. This gibberish refers to the names of buttons, switches, and knobs.

Each player’s device will flash one command. The other players must check their devices to make sure they have that command and then execute it. As you progress through each level, it often breaks out in chaos.

1. Heads up!

1 phone is required

Heads up! This was the game we had the most time playing together and we spent a lot of time exploring all its different modes.

You can speak or you can use the mime mode to communicate your thoughts. The games are great for friends of all sizes.

You basically hold your phone to your forehead so that everyone in your team can see it.

The game’s rules will be followed by clues. The person holding the phone must guess as many times as possible within the time limit.

Mobile Games for Party Fun!
Get a group together of friends and let the world know that your iPhone or Android phone are not designed to isolate you from the real world.

Your devices can be used as a way to have lots of fun with friends around the globe!

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