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Top 3 Best Home Planetariums

Have you ever taken a field trip to a Planetarium? Did you wonder how cool it would feel to have your own? Today I’m sharing my top picks for the best home planetarium projectors. Each one has been put to the test and I am happy to share my findings. You can see it below. It’s wonderful to be able finally to see the stars and space from our home.

Sega Toys Homestar Flux Home Planetarium Star Projector


Sega Homestar Flux allows you to see the stars from the comfort of your bedroom or living room. You can either plug it into a power adaptor or charge the power bank to take the best galaxy projector with you anywhere. You get two discs that can be used to view the stars. It is also very quiet when it is spinning. This is an excellent option for anyone who wishes to learn more about the stars.

Lightweight, Easy to Use

The size of the planetarium projector is quite small. The projector is lightweight and easy to transport from one room to the next. It comes with a USB power cord and adaptor for wall use, as well as a battery. The planetarium projector can be taken anywhere once it is fully charged. The planetarium projector is packaged in a small box that can be kept. This projector makes a wonderful gift for anyone passionate about stars and planets.

The Flux

This projector has many great features. Because of the many different lenses used by the projector, the projection quality is excellent. The projector can be set to either stand still or rotate. Its projects appear more real when it rotates. The projection feels real in that it sometimes shoots a shooting star across it.

Beautiful Stars

The 60,000 stars that it projects onto any surface is my favorite feature of this home planetarium projector. It’s almost as if you are looking at the stars in real space. This makes a wonderful gift for children. This is the perfect gift for children who are interested in space and those who just want to relax while they sleep. The home planetarium projector includes two discs filled with beautiful, life-like stars.


  • This projector can project more than 60,000 stars into any space.
  • Because of their twinkling, high-definition nature, the stars look almost lifelike.
  • It is the best home planetarium projector because of the flux it contains.
  • Multiple lenses of glass that allow for clear projection.
  • Five-watt LED lights
  • The disc rotates quietly.
  • The planetarium projector includes two discs that can be used to view the stars.


  • You will need to pay a lot if you want an extra disc.


Although this home planetarium projector is quite costly, it is still one of the most beautiful home planetarium projectors on the market. If you’re interested in astronomy, you will enjoy looking at the stars from the comfort of your living room or bedroom. It is silent and can spin to simulate the night sky.

Sega Homestar Original Home Planetarium – Star Projector

Sega’s home planetarium projector is also a great choice. This is the original version. It was later updated to reflect the flux we reviewed just before. The original version can still be purchased, but some prefer it. The star discs can project more than 60,000 stars onto any flat surface. Two-star discs will be included, one for each hemisphere. This planetarium projector has many great features, including auto-rotate and timer, self shut off, quiet sounds, LED lights, and LED lights that make stars appear real. This projector is great for both children and adults.

Timer and Auto Shut Off

The planetarium also has an auto-shutoff feature and a timer. The timer can be set for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or even an hour. Your home planetarium projector can rotate, and you will be able to view the star disks during the timer. It will automatically turn off when the timer is over. If you like to sleep with some light, this is a great option. You won’t need to turn it on all night. It will allow you to fall asleep quickly and shut off easily.

Lifelike Stars

Because of the 60,000 stars projected through the machine, this is one of the most powerful home planetarium projectors. Three-watt LED lights give the stars the appearance of being projected on walls or ceilings. To make the image project even clearer, you can adjust the focus to suit the size of the room. Multiple glass lenses are used on the projector to give clarity and definition to the projected image.


  • Any surface will have 60,000 high-definition stars projected my life light.
  • LED lights make the stars appear clearer
  • An auto-shutoff timer will turn off the computer when it is not being used.
  • This program allows you to see constellations, stars, shooting stars.
  • The quiet, easy-to-use rotating function can be used by both adults and children.
  • You can buy additional discs separately.


  • It can be difficult to get the planetarium’s image-focused.


This high-quality home projector will delight anyone who enjoys stargazing and constellations. It can view 60,000 stars and makes any ceiling or wall it is projected on look beautiful. It can be quite expensive, but if you consider the quality of the product and the brand, it is worth it.

Nashik Real Home Planetarium ASTROTHEATER

This product is Japanese-made by the brand Nashik. Despite being in Japanese, the instructions don’t detract from how amazing this home planetarium projector is. You can view the stars, moons, constellations, and earth. Real-time viewing allows you to see what is visible outside, right now in the night sky. You can also see special birthday events. This rotating home planetarium gives you the feeling of being in the sky with clear views and high-quality images.

Clear Images

This home planetarium projector projects a very clear image. High-resolution imagine. Although this projector doesn’t have as many stars, it still offers 9000 constellations and 31 milky way views. The projector includes three discs for use within.

Real-Time Viewing

The home projector will give you an accurate view of the constellations and stars outside, depending on where you live. The projector will display the constellations that you should be able to see if you are in the northern hemisphere. This is a great feature. You can also input your birthday to show your zodiac constellations when it is your birthday. It is an educational home planetarium projection projector and is why it made our top 10 list.


  • This projector is used to see constellations rather than just stars.
  • The projector can set the time and when to view certain constellations.
  • The home planetarium projector can be plugged in or used batteries.
  • Three discs are included to be used inside the projector.
  • A DVD education DVD is included to help you use the projector.
  • It is easy to imagine constellations and stars.


  • These instructions are in Japanese and will make it difficult to set up your home-planetarium projector.


This home planetarium projector can be quite costly, as everything is in Japanese. The projector is easy to set up and it should be no problem. This projector is much more educational than our previous ones. This projector is great for learning about the constellations and the night sky around you. This home planetarium projector is a great idea.

Common Construction Mistakes You Can Avoid

It is not easy to build a house. It can be difficult to manage finances, choose the right materials, hire a contractor, and manage laborers. Although it may seem tempting to rush through the construction, certain things in life require patience. When building a house, you need to be careful and vigilant. We will discuss some of the most common mistakes homebuyers make when building a house. Once they realize it, it is impossible to fix.


Here’s a checklist of things that could go wrong when building your house.

  • Light access
  • Maximal utilization of the area
  • Installation of electrical circuits
  • Proper ventilation
  • Installation of sewerage pipes and lines
  • Compromising on quality


You should position your home so you get the most out of natural light. Be prepared to pay more if you block sunlight from entering your home. Natural lighting is a great option for your home. It is essential for people’s well-being. It doesn’t increase construction costs.

Lighting should be good in your living, kitchen, and washroom. Your kitchen and washroom should be well-lit. This can make it easy for pests and cockroaches to breed. Avoid pests and other insects by correctly orienting your home. To bring light into dark areas of your house, particularly rooms located towards the interior of the house’s walls, skylights are also an option.


This is a common mistake made by homebuyers who don’t fully utilize the covered space. You should make sure your living space is spacious enough to accommodate guests. Don’t waste space by building large washrooms. You only use a small portion of your time in the bathroom. You should design your bathroom according to your needs and keep the overhead rain shower out of the basin. This is a common mistake in house construction. Many builders place an overhead shower between the washbasin and toilet seat. This mistake will only be apparent once you live in your house. Another mistake in house construction is to make the drawing-room too small. A small, stuffy room won’t make a guest feel at home. If you have children, don’t put high ceilings in your house. The high ceilings may echo in your living room when your children play. These are small mistakes in house construction that you might overlook, but they will be a problem for you for the rest of your lives.


Electrical sockets placed in the wrong locations are one of the biggest construction errors when building a house. Sometimes, even switchboards can be placed too low so that children can reach them. This can lead to serious injuries or make it difficult for children to use the sockets. It’s better to put sockets where children cannot reach them. When renovating or building a house, make child-friendly changes.


If you are building a 5-marla house in Pakistan, or any other house in Pakistan, ensure that large windows allow for natural airflow. You can save money by not having to use air-conditioners in your rooms. There are many ways that you can reduce your electricity bills during summer. The placement of doors is another common error that can block natural airflow. The door should open to allow air to flow through, keeping the rooms cool in summer.


Pipes are an important feature of any house construction. If they are not placed correctly, you will be a disaster! This house construction tip is important: Make sure the hot water pipes are placed close to the kitchen and bathroom to make it easy for the water to flow to the tap. Your sewerage line should be placed from the outside of your house. It shouldn’t pass through your living space. You can fix any plumbing problem without having the tiles in your living area broken.


Good quality materials are essential when building a tulum houses for sale. Bad bathroom fixtures can lead to costly repairs that will take place over the weekend. Make sure you invest in quality bathroom fixtures and lighting. This will save you money over the long term. Paint that lasts for a year is best. For a stronger foundation, make sure you invest in high-quality steel bars and cement when building your grey house.

7 Mobile Games You Can Play with Friends in the Same Room

We often recommend media and products we like. If you buy anything through links on our site, we may earn a commission .

I was on a recent trip to Australia and had some downtime. My friends and I decided that we would play mobile games together, whether it be with one or multiple devices.

The next step was to take a deep dive into the App Store and Google Play Store. Over a dozen different games were tested over several days. Find out more fun apps at

We managed to narrow down the list to just a few local multiplayer mobile games that are worth your time.

They’re also free or $0.99 so you and your friends won’t have to spend a lot to have fun.

7. Dual

Required 2 phones

Dual was the least fun game on the list. However, it was still enjoyable for a few minutes. This game is not something you should spend an entire afternoon with.

You each take control of a small spaceship and attempt to shoot the other ship. Your ship is on their phone.

It’s quite cool to watch the images travel between the devices. It’s easy, but it’s still fun.

6. 12 Orbits

Phones Required: 1. (But more is better)

12 Orbits is a game where each player controls a specific section of the phone. The goal of the game is to grab the white dots and leave a dot in your color to take out all the other ships.

The movement is the key to this trick. Tap the screen to enter an orbit, and again to fly straight.

Everyone is sharing the same screen so it can be a bit tight on a smartphone. We recommend that you get a tablet if you have one.

Although we were able to play with four people using an iPhone 7 Plus, it would have been too noisy for more.

5. Out of the Loop

1 phone is required

Out Of the Loop is a game where everyone knows what something is and no one is left out.

Everyone gets questions from players to inquire about the secret. The person who is not in the loop must answer the question in a way that doesn’t reveal their identity.

The word cupcake was the topic of a round. We were asked questions such as how many cupcakes can you stack and if you would like to smell it for the rest of my life.

We were able to identify the faker. This is a great game, and it only takes one phone.

4. Psych!

1 phone per player

Psych! You trick your friends into believing your answer is correct. You can ignore the objective or just laugh as much as you like.

You’ll have fun no matter what you play. It is similar to the Balderdash board game, or the Fibbage popular Jackbox game!

Let’s take an example to show you how the game works: The game will give you a movie title, and you have to create a plot that other players believe is real.

Each player who correctly guesses your plot earns you a point.

3. Evil Apples

1 phone per player

Evil Apples has many similarities to Card Against Humanity. However, the cards are digital and require less setup and cleanup. This is a great game! Just make sure that you are playing with people who don’t get offended easily.

Like Card Against Humanity, your goal is filling in a phrase using the cards that you are dealt. You should be as funny as possible.

One player judges each round. The round ends with the winner determined by their discretion.

2. Spaceteam

1 phone per player

Spaceteam has been around for a while, but the core design remains timeless. You and your friends will be yelling what to the outsiders sounds like random nonsense.

You’ll be shouting important commands to your ship that will help it reach its destination.

The game board shows the progress of the ship at the top and some buttons with gibberish near them. This gibberish refers to the names of buttons, switches, and knobs.

Each player’s device will flash one command. The other players must check their devices to make sure they have that command and then execute it. As you progress through each level, it often breaks out in chaos.

1. Heads up!

1 phone is required

Heads up! This was the game we had the most time playing together and we spent a lot of time exploring all its different modes.

You can speak or you can use the mime mode to communicate your thoughts. The games are great for friends of all sizes.

You basically hold your phone to your forehead so that everyone in your team can see it.

The game’s rules will be followed by clues. The person holding the phone must guess as many times as possible within the time limit.

Mobile Games for Party Fun!
Get a group together of friends and let the world know that your iPhone or Android phone are not designed to isolate you from the real world.

Your devices can be used as a way to have lots of fun with friends around the globe!

What Do You Need To Consider Before Buying A Velvet Bed?

If you want to buy the best bed in town, you have to know what to consider before buying Velvet beds. If you want to know what do you need to consider before buying a velvet bed, read this article. We will discuss different types of materials used in beds and their different effects on people. Then, we will discuss what do you need to consider before buying a velvet bed?

Maybe We Should Dig Deeper Before Choosing a Hotel?

Real-Time Haunted

This is a story about a haunted hotel in a list of reportedly haunted locations in the United States. Hotel San Carlos Phoenix is abuzz with rumors of a 22-year-old girl who jumped from the seven-story hotel to her own death. Other witnesses claim a girl mysteriously appeared at their beds and stayed there for several seconds until she disappeared.

Hotel San Carlos in downtown Phoenix. The Valley’s Hotel San Carlos is located in Downtown Phoenix and has two titles: it is an operating hotel as well as a tourist attraction. This historic boutique hotel was built in 1928. It was popular among Hollywood’s Golden Age members, such as Clark Gable (Clark Gable), Carole Lombard (Mae West), Gene Autry, Marilyn Monroe, and Gene Autry. Hotel San Carlos has a history of hearsay that is often referred to, even though it boasts a list of celebrities as impressive as those that made its peak.

Although other hotels may try to conceal paranormal activity reports, the Hotel San Carlos is one of the most haunted spots in Phoenix. They are open to ghost stories and welcome any curious guests looking for a glimpse of the woman in white. If it wasn’t for Leone Jensen’s tragedy, it isn’t easy to imagine where Hotel San Carlos’ legend and fame would have started. Jensen, a fragment of her transcendent life, is believed to have been one of many ghosts roaming the rooms and roof of the hotel.

Hotel San Carlos today 

It was on May 27, 1928, just weeks after the hotel’s grand opening, when the 22-year old woman, whom local newspapers called “pretty blonde” and who was described as a “pretty blonde,” jumped from the hotel’s seven floors to her death below. Many stories are speculative about the circumstances that Jensen checked into room 720 to escape by the roof. Jensen’s ghostly sightings are also a part of the hotel legends. Many people have witnessed her disappearing from their beds, often as a result of her suicide.

During her reported visits to Hotel San Carlos, the white-clad woman never spoke or appeared threatening. Other ghost witness accounts suggest that she is not the sole spirit resident of Hotel San Carlos. Many have reported seeing a little girl’s ghost sitting in one of the hotel rooms and crying. Others have reported hearing children running or laughing in the basement. Believers claim that the sightings were linked to Native American worshipping ground on which Hotel San Carlos was built. This is also where the first school, Little Adobe, was established by early Phoenix settlers in 1874. After many incarnations, it was finally closed down in 1916 to allow for the construction of a luxury resort.

Little backstory 

The San Carlos Hotel was built after Charles Harris and Dwight D. Heard bought the land from the Phoenix Babbitt family, more than ten decades after the schoolhouse had been demolished.

G. Whitecross Ritchie was the architect responsible for Hotel San Carlos’ Italian Renaissance style, which is a luxury-assigned Italian Renaissance style. The hotel was named the Southwest’s most modern after its grand opening in March 1928. San Carlos, which was constructed using the well dug to replace the old schoolhouse, became the first Phoenix high-rise hotel with air conditioning and hand-operated elevators. The original hotel owner and General Manager, Charles Harris, lived with his family in the penthouse on the seventh floor. The hotel’s state-of-the-art facility at Hotel San Carlos attracts Hollywood stars and a large number of Phoenix’s social and political elites, including ghostly guests. Unlike other establishments that tried to hide similar ghost stories, Hotel San Carlos openly accepted them and continues to welcome guests curious about its history and halls. At the same time, they wait for spirits to join the party.

Hotel San Carlos, Phoenix’s only remaining historic boutique hotel, was declared an Arizona State Historic Landmark in 1974. It is also a member of Historic Hotels of America as well as the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The multi-million-dollar renovation of the hotel in 2003 included many upgrades to its rooms, amenities, and architecture. It also preserved its historical foundation.

Reviewed on November 25, 2014

The stay in this hotel has been reviewed in details by a woman from Greenville, South Carolina on a official Trip Advisor website.
(Further citated:

“I had heard this hotel was haunted. I was skeptical. I was reassured the rumors were true. The first night started with me hanging a Ghostbusters sign on the lamp as a joke. The lamp immediately burned out. For fun, we downloaded a ghost app. It showed ghosts in and out of our room. Sometimes you would feel a chill come over you from your head to your toes. Sometimes you felt like you were being watched. Our laptop went wacky and died on us there. While in the basement using the business center, a ceiling fan with a pull came on by itself. We didn’t pull it.

Nothing will top the 2nd (and last) night we stayed. While my partner was using the restroom, I jokingly told him the ghost was in there according to our app. He began to beat on the door telling me to hurry in there. I thought he was joking so I initially ignored him. He kept telling me to come in there so i did. The light in the bathroom was smoking and forming into a shape towards him and the light flickered many colors. We video taped this and looking into the phone, the light was so bright in there you could not make out the bathroom. When we would pan over to the room area, the picture was fine.

The staff is wonderful and moved us to another room. Once inside, we were feeling very eerie and discussing leaving. It took a bag of Doritos that were sitting on a desk with us on the other side of the room to fly across the room – ALL BY ITSELF. That was it. The staff was accommodating and refunded us for that night.

The hotel itself is charming and old. A great stay for those wanting to experience the paranormal. The activity in our room was outrageous. Go to YouTube and look up “JenniferMcKelvey” to see the video of the bathroom incident.”

We still challenge you to come to the haunted house in Ohio; it’s even more, spookier than this, of course, if you dare to try.

Where You Can Find the Best Roblox Scripts

Whether you want to have fun with your kids or entertain guests at your party, you will need some Roblox Machines in your home. However, searching for the best place to find the best Roblox scripts can be quite a task. When you consider all of the sites that claim to have the best products in the market, it can be hard to know which ones are legit and which ones are not. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for a site that can help you find the best scripts for your needs.

Make A FiveM Server In Just 10 Minutes

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), is one of the most beloved videogames ever. It’s a popular videogame, and for good reasons. It’s a great game. The game offers a wide range of options, and Rockstar Games, the developer of it has spent much time improving it. Some players still want more, and GTA is well-known for its modding community.

How to Find the Best Review Sites

Learning how to find the best review sites for any product or service is a very important skill to master. If you are marketing a new product and hoping to make money from your efforts, you must be able to find top review sites. It really is not as hard as it may seem, but you need to know what to look for. The best review sites will be those that get high marks from both customers and other marketers. How do you go about locating these review sites?

Best Smart Home Gym Equipment

COVID-19 may have you considering working out at home instead of going to the gym. With the global pandemic, the home fitness equipment market is growing rapidly. Many people are opting for smart fitness devices and other fitness techs.

Since high school, I have been involved in the fitness industry. I was a daycare worker at my local gym to earn a free membership. As a yoga instructor and resident fitness expert at PCMag, I have the opportunity to try out the latest home gym equipment. They are far more advanced than the ones I used in high school.

46 Different Bar Glass Types That You Should Know About

It’s easy to grab a glass from the kitchen cabinet and go. Bar drinkware, like shot glasses, steins, flutes, and tumblers, is a whole different story. Serving drinks requires the right glasses.

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