Kobalt 24 V Maximum Divine decoration was among those earliest entrants into this Kobalt 24 V brushless power saw lineup. Over a half use and the season I have trained with, me failed to disappoint. But like whatever, are a couple of what to consider when this may be the best jigsaw tool, now, given that the cordless competition.The various tools published at first of the Kobalt 24 V line up needed a extra mass than tools published later, which decoration is in exactly precisely the exact identical ship. To arrive at 5.2 pounds for its tool just, this D-grip decoration does feel heavy in contrast to additional cordless models, which is with out battery.

But that additional weight will make it feel hardy throughout the cut and also likely results in its lesser shaking. It isn’t really a downside on, since the material you are cutting off on usually supports the burden of this saw. It has play is the rare times you may possibly want to cut down or down.

The battery positioning on the Kobalt jig-saw sits a little higher from the very plane compared to similar models, much like Ridgid’s positioning. People do not usually cut an arm length, and so that was not the consideration, although it ended up being a little from the means in which for long-arm cuts. The battery supposed that the middle of gravity has been higher for cuts.

You’ve got to make utilize of force to hold the blade out of cutting on the side that is opposite and drifting.

It is absolutely noticeable in contrast to additional models with a reduced center of gravity. If you use two hands and soon you will obtain a feel for it and don’t rush, you are going to begin to construct the muscle memory that you want to cut.


Together with the smallest strokes every moment of its own cordless Pro-level contest, Kobalt arrives at at 3,000 RPM, where as additional models push to 3,500 RPM. DeWalt came in 3,200 RPM in non and has been famous for vibration within its own category.

That is something I have seen using all the Kobalt decoration Too. Between the stroke speed that is reduce and your heft, the surgery seems simple and smooth. No keratin arms after cuts.

Like the nearest competitors, you can find just 3 definite manners and off to assist you to dial in the quantity of aggressiveness you would like on the trim.

Orbital Modes Capabilities

Though the Kobalt 24 V max brushless decoration does lack a few of the features that the competitors feature, the total function was solid over this previous year.
Several rival versions have the changeable rate dial up, but Kobalt alternatively went with a variable rate trigger.

The cause is quite true, but hard to maintain a steady rate when seeking to maintain alloy low when cutting on. No such feature is present, although this might have been spared to put up your rate.

There is A switch available. Competitors like Rigid and Milwaukee have dust vents, even though it’s apparently less main stream as DeWalt failed to offer it . It can possess a dust blower and which helps maintain your cut point observable.

Kobalt gets the normal features that just about all competitor models possess, for example tool-free blade along with bevel shifts, in addition to being a sight line dust mill and its own orbital activity manners. Unlike the majority of the cordless jigsaws, a engine which boosts lifetime and the run time of this tool is used by Kobalt.


The normal price of this Kobalt 24 V max brushless decoration is 119 and also we watched it in Lowe’s recently for $ 8-9 as a”brand new lesser price”, therefore it appears like it will keep there.

It was a little less compared to the majority of also this price and the cordless jigsaws would make it a price that is fairly impressive.

It is just available as a BARE-TOOL at this time, which means you will want to put in a charger and battery in case you do not possess these . Kobalt has just one of the battery replacement arrangements in the event that you go that path.


Total, the Kobalt 24 V max brushless decoration has survived the test of time and really is now really a worthy addition to this Kobalt line up. It’s a when put next to additional cordless possibilities, however if you are a Guru or serious DIY er that is value-minded, that the $89 price appears pretty sweet.

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