Roadhog is countered by heroes who protect against his prohibit and measures his hooks, like Mei and Zarya. Weighty injury dealers like Reaper can dissolve his overall health things.


Strong Against

Bastion, D.Va, Genji, Lucio, McCree, Mercy, Soldier: 76, Sombra, Torbjorn, Winston, Wrecking Ball

Weak Against

Ana, Mei, Reaper, Zarya, Zenyatta

Heroes who counter Roadhog

Reaper is probably the greatest harm sellers within the online game in a near array. He eliminates Roadhog and many tanks while also healing themselves for a number of damages dealt.

It isn’t adequate to survive against him, despite the fact that roadhog can mitigate a portion of the harm with Have a Breather, which allows curing plus a 50% damage lowering.

Usually, Reaper will overcome Roadhog within the great most of the duels. Thanks to Roadhog’s big system and hitbox, Reaper can simply shoot him as well as steering clear of his attacks. It is extremely predictable and straightforward to negate using Wraith Form, although chain Catch is the only resource that could affect the fate with this overcome.

Mei Mei surfaces Roadhog by halting him from carrying out his job. Making use of the main fireplace of Endothermic Blaster you are able to slow-moving and lock him, so he won’t be able to escape, hook your teammates, or recover him or her self.

She actually is really annoying due to the fact cold an individual generates panic and prevents any motion. Regardless of whether you can actually headshot him together supplementary fire, Mei can’t get rid of him reliably within a 1vs1 situation – she requires the assistance of a teammate to get rid of a freezing Roadhog.

Ice-cubes Walls is a good instrument against Roadhog mainly because it prevents his hooks: You may even save the lifestyle of the teammate having been already addicted if used at the right time! This ability partially counters also Total Hog mainly because it prevents some damage, yet it is only a momentary defense as being the greatest will crack the ice cubes pillars in some mere seconds.

And simultaneously also acquire cost-free fee, zarya Zarya reduces the effectiveness of Roadhog simply because she could preserve herself or even a hooked teammate by making use of her boundaries. Thanks to this power, she actually is a hero you are going to adore getting in the crew when experiencing Roadhog.

A higher electricity Zarya can also be in a position to annihilate him with the enormous damage output of Particle Cannon.


Zenyatta is often outside all the different Sequence Hook because of his perfect place during the staff overcome. He is usually located behind his team, providing mends and extra extended-variety problems.

Thanks to Orb of Discord, you are able to increase the damage of all your teammates against just one target, to help you just make use of it on Roadhog and notify your friends to concentrate fire him. Typically, the help of one particular DPS must be ample due to the fact Zenyatta alone can inflict a solid volume of problems by headshooting Roadhog having a volley of Orb of Destruction.


Each and every Roadhog gamer hates Ana due to the fact Biotic Grenades totally nullifies Take a Breather as well as healing effect supplied by the can handle for 4 secs. In this timeframe he or she is extremely susceptible, so Ana and his staff can eliminate him quickly.

Rest Dart can also be very annoying because it excludes you against the group overcome for five.5 mere seconds and could also be used to terminate Complete Hog.

Common techniques against Roadhog

Placing. An expert Roadhog will punish your location mistakes by hooking you during his group, and scoring a destroy in many instances. If you get hooked, try to study from your very own faults: examine the region from which he addicted you and also spot yourself in the more suitable place throughout the up coming combat on that point.

Cooldowns. Roadhog is extremely cooldown dependant. Chain Connect is regarded as the hazardous ability as it can certainly draw you out of nowhere and alter the destiny of any group battle.

Go on a Rest is decisive within a 1vs1 condition as if well-timed will recover Roadhog and nullify all of your damage then he will have the top hands while you are reloading. Always penalize a Roadhog that misses his hooks or utilizes the recover in the completely wrong time!

Helpful shields. Staying behind a protect will totally nullify any connect attempt. When there is a Reinhardt or Orisa within the group, make use of the risk-free places behind their shields.

Hook guide and range elements. Sequence Catch has a constrained range, so with lots of characters you are able to overcome coming from a lengthy range and prevent them completely. Likewise, there are lots of regions of the chart that can be used to bar his hooks and cover some of your body.

Operate for your existence. And your hero can’t deal with him 1vs1, try to get away as fast as possible – do not forget that Roadhog has hardly any range of motion, if you still got connected. Your group may help with cures, a barrier, or perhaps an ice cubes wall structure.

Heroes countered by Roadhog


Some athletes might ponder why Bastion shows up one of the characters countered. In Sentry function, he can inflict a tremendous quantity of harm (even more than Reaper), but at the same time they have no flexibility, therefore it is one of the less difficult goals to connect for Roadhog. You will need the continual safety in the group via shields and Zarya’s limitations to prevent it.

Squishy characters

Most lower-Hewlett packard characters aren’t capable of eliminate Roadhog fast ample: he will heal him or her self and finally catch and get rid of you.

Also healers like Mercy and Lucio who can’t live a catch combo, although we have indicated numerous characters inside the “strong against” area, which includes not simply DPS versions for example Genji and McCree.

Portable tanks

It is very frustrating to try out a portable container like Winston, D.Va, or Wrecking Tennis ball against Roadhog while he can just connect them every time they interact with a teammate or attempt to get away coming from a horrible fight. Scrap Pistol inflicts lots of injury at a close collection, and all these characters have major silhouettes that are tough to skip.

Be aware that Shield Matrix doesn’t prevent Sequence Connect.

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