Here are my tried-and-true choices for the best-smelling candles that genuinely fill a space with their delightful perfume.

The Best Kitchen Scented Candle

In my own house, I enjoy creating a fragrance experience. We have heartier, smokier scents in our bathrooms, living room, and bedroom, but we love anything that smells like fresh cookies baking in our kitchen. We look forward to the holidays when Graciemoonscents Bath and Body Works unveils their newest creations since they smell just as nice, if not better, than some of the more costly candles I’ve used. This one, with notes of cinnamon, brown sugar, and vanilla, is one of my and my husband Gio’s favorites this season – it smells exactly like fresh cookies baking in the oven… I’m also hungry now.

The Best Candle For Every Room In Your House

After a reformer session at New York Pilates, I came across this candle. When a gym or fitness center has a pleasant odor? If that’s the case, you know they’re on to something. After being so taken aback by how effectively it filled a room, I had to inquire as to what it was. I was hooked, and it’s been on repeat in my house ever since.

Christmas Candles of the Year

Because we have a lovely fake Christmas tree, a pine or fir balsam candle is a must-have during the holidays. Nest is one of those firms whose candles burn true to the aroma on the label, ensuring that their seasonal candle is a hit year after year. Rich musk and amber are mixed into the white pine and fir balsam blend in their rendition, giving it a unique touch. I adore it, and I adore the fact that visitors believe our tree is real since the aroma is so authentic.

The Sexiest Candle For Your Bedroom

I love a number of Byredo candles, but my all-time favorite is Bibliothèque. It’s creamy and silky in equal measure, and it just smells…smooth. I can’t explain it any other way. The aromas of vanilla, peach, plum, and patchouli are mixed in such a way that once you smell it — and even better, light it — you’ll never be the same. Is it possible to fall in love with a candle? Yes. I suppose it is.

New Candle of the Year

My husband and I recently visited The Maker, a new Hudson Valley hotel, for a couples weekend and were immediately transported to a swanky hotel in the Roaring Twenties with a rich, jewel-toned decor. This candle, made by the hotel’s proprietors, Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, added the ideal touch to the atmosphere. They’re also the founders of Fresh Beauty, so you can trust them to know what they’re talking about when it comes to smelling good. It’s one of the few candles I can leave burning for long periods of time. It smells strong but not overpowering, with overtones of frankincense, cannabis, and vanilla bean (if you haven’t noticed, I’m a sucker for vanilla scents). With just a whiff of this candle, you’ll be transported to a burgundy banquette, sipping bourbon neat and listening to Frank Sinatra serenade you. This candle exudes a strong sense of well-being.

The Best Traditional Winter Candle

I didn’t have a fireplace in my little New York City apartment, but it sure seemed like I had when I lit this monstrosity of a candle. It has a strong and lovely aroma that reminds me of when Gio and I went to Quebec City for New Years and returned each day to relax in front of the fire, après-ski style, sipping a hot toddy. It’s a lovely combination of exotic wood accords. To be honest, we now have a fireplace, which I still light!

Best Candle for a Special Occasion

This candle smells like a bouquet of spicy black licorice – it’s a seductive, powerful perfume that I adore. I usually feel like I save lighting it for a special event or when we have new friends over; otherwise, it rests in its stylish ceramic holder as our fireplace mantle decor till further notice. I also have one in our foyer to set the tone for the rest of the house.

The Best Bathroom Scented Candle

This spicy candle is one of the most enticing, powerful (but not overpowering) aromas I’ve ever smelled, and we keep it in our bathrooms. It has a warm but not excessively feminine aroma that’s great for a home I share with my husband, with undertones of pink pepper, rum, and tobacco leaf.

The Best Floral Candle That Isn’t Overly Sweet

When it comes to fragrances, I’m not a floral girl, but I can appreciate a truly great one when it comes my way. Melrose Place, an Ouai candle, is a fresh floral with notes of pink peppercorn, rose, and musk. It’s currently in our guest bathroom, and every single guest we’ve had has complimented us on our candle selection.

Palo Santo Candles of the Highest Quality

I enjoy burning palo santo in my home, but the fragrance never lasts as long as I would want. The next best thing: a palo santo candle that lasts as long as you want it to (well, up to 50 hours). A soothing blend of eucalyptus, sage, sandalwood oil, and white birch wood is included in this one. It’s heavenly.

What Is The Best Candle To Give As A Gift?

When Gio and I got engaged four years ago, Ouai’s founder Jen Atkin and her husband Mike surprised us with two personalized Le Labo Santal 26 candles inscribed with “For Carly & Gio.” We burnt one, and I refuse to burn the other because I cherish the memory it recalls of the little time we were just the two of us before our lovely daughter Delfina arrived. When it comes to how the candle smells, it’s one of the most popular in the world for a reason: it has a perfumed punch that’s equal parts smoky and leathery, and it covers a whole room with its aroma in minutes.

The Best Candle With a Legendary Past

I was told a few times when I was brunette that I looked like Jackie Onassis, which was the best compliment, so I was astonished to learn that one of my favorite Krigler scents, Lovely Patchouly 55, was her signature smell for years. Based on that aroma, this candle is perfect: it’s fruity and musky, with notes of red fruits, amber, and musk, capped with vanilla, leather, and bergamot. Like the woman who wore it, it was sophisticated and feminine, but also reserved and exquisite. It comes at a high cost, but it’s well worth it.

The Most Beautiful Candle Packaging

Otherland candles are one of my favorites for two reasons: their packaging is so beautiful and seems like jewelry for your home, instantly sprucing up any room, and their candles smell amazing when lit. The Alpine Crystal, which smells like a fresh, refreshing lemon drink with a sprig of juniper and is encased in the chicest vintage coupe, is one of my particular favorites from their new holiday collection. I guarantee you’ll feel transported to a party you don’t have to leave your house to join.

Candle with the Best Splurge

I understand that this candle is more expensive, but it has one of the greatest scents I’ve ever smelled, both unlit and lighted. It has a crisp jasmine, vanilla, ginger, and clove perfume that reminds me of a gin and tonic, which is one of my favorite beverages. It’s the ideal present for a candle enthusiast (hint, hint, Gio).

The Most Comforting Candle

When you burn this chicly wrapped candle, the fragrances of pine oil, birch, cloves, and raspberry fill any room – no matter how big. It has a comforting, warm, and delectable aroma. Even better, the Save the Children Foundation receives a percentage of every sale.

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